This site has been created out of my
love for skunks.  A short story of how I came to be so taken with these wonderful animals is told on
Odie's Page

I'm dedicated to educating the
public with domestic skunk care. 
The name of my rescue shelter is The Skunk's Den.
I am Vice President of SkunkHaven Skunk Rescue, Shelter, and Education, Inc.

There are skunk sounds on
Sammy's page.

The photos on my web site do take few minutes to load, but I hope you will find that they are worth the wait!
email me
to view a list of drugs and herbs that have been used to treat skunks.
At the end of the document, you will find a list
of  Veterinarians by state that have been known to treat skunks.  Always ask questions before taking your skunk to any Vet.
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By clicking on the links below you can see pictures of some of the first skunks that came into my life.  I am so thankful that God let us shore our time together.
This is a beautiful wild skunk that I relocated from underneath a church to our property
Did you know that domestic skunks are not all black & white?  They can be a variety of different  colors.
WARNING:  Do not copy pictures from this website without permission!  Please contact me
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They have affordable carts for your pets and are wonderful to do business with.

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